A wise man once said that wise homeowners use Weiser locks to protect their homes and provide the convenience of smooth-operating hardware. Ever think about how your front door hardware is performing?  Is it a daily source of frustration as you fumble with your keys struggling to get the lock to turn so you can get through your front door with the kids and your hands full of groceries? What do your guests think when they arrive at your front door? Is your door hardware aging, fading, malfunctioning, or does it make a great welcoming impression for all those who arrive?

If you’re door hardware is in need of a facelift, than look no further. Manotick Windows and Doors have been making Ottawa doors more beautiful for the past 20 years.  Drop by the showroom to view the full line of Weiser door hardware.  Afterall, no one knows door hardware and locks better than Weiser – it’s just the wise choice and has been for over 100 years!