North Star patio doors causing marital discord

How can North Star patio doors be causing marital discord in homes across the city of Ottawa? Simply put, couples cannot get enough of North Star patio doors and this is where the trouble comes in.

“There’s nothing like North Star patio doors,” said one Ottawa husband. “The smoothness, the ease of operation, the solid, sturdy construction, the security. Why I’m beside myself over North Star patio doors! If only I could convert every window in my home into a North Star patio door, but the wife thinks I’m being absurd!”  Ottawa husbands and wives are calling Manotick Windows and Doors in droves as they want to have North Star patio doors installed, where patio doors never even existed before! As if this wasn’t enough, they want North Star patio doors installed after they have already had North Star patio doors installed, only in places where windows let alone patio doors, never existed. Makes sense? Not really! But according to relationship experts, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, the affliction is known as North Star patio door-mania. The cure? Simple! A trip into the Manotick Windows and Doors showroom as soon as possible, and save that marriage, while adding energy efficiency, curb appeal, an increase in the value of your home, and safety and security. Afterall, North Star patio doors will cost a lot less than a divorce! Call or drop by Manotick Windows and Doors today. You’ll be glad you did, and so will Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew.