Ottawa windows and doors – where do we begin? At Manotick Windows and Doors of course!

“Honey, now that we’ve relocated to Ottawa, where do we go to get top quality Ottawa windows and doors that can survive the dreadful Ottawa winters and springs we’ve read about? ”

“Well dear I just asked the new neighbors where we should go to get the best Ottawa windows and doors, and they told meĀ about the fabulous North Star Windows, Trutech doors and Doorplex doors they had installed by Manotick Windows and Doors. What do you think? Shall I give them a call right now and get a quote?”

“Yes dear, that sounds like a wonderful idea. That way, by the time spring arrives in Ottawa, we’ll be ready to have our brand new North Star Windows, Trutech doors and Doorplex doors installed, paving the way for a wonderful season of chirping birds and warm breezes.”

“Now dear, don’t get ahead of yourself. You know it doesn’t feel anything like spring out thereĀ and it’s April! However, no matter what the weather outside, I just know we’ll be warm and comfortable inside with our new energy efficient, state-of-the-art North Star Windows, and don’t get me started on the curb appeal. Why we’ll have added a substantial sum to the value of our property just by replacing windows and doors. And, and, I’m so excited at the thought of the money we’ll be saving each month on our energy bills. Manotick Windows and Doors to the rescue!”