Phantom Screens stump Ottawa homeowners with disappearing act

“Honey, where did that brand new Phantom Screen disappear to? I’ve been looking for it all morning.”

“Now dear, you know that Phantom Screens are exactly  that –  Phantom Screens – there when you need them, gone when you don’t!”

“Well I’ve been standing in front of this brand new front door for an hour, and I still don’t see our Phantom Screen!”

“It’s in there dear, just try taking a closer look.”

“You mean it’s retracted right here in front of me the whole time? Why this is nothing short of incredible!”

“Yes dear. I told you dear, Phantom Screens are the best screen door solution Ottawa has ever seen.”

“As always dear wife, you and the fellows at Manotick Windows and Doors were right on the mark when they recommended Phantom Screens for our Ottawa home.  Phantom Screens are the best screen solution for your new beautiful front door, ensuring that the warranty will not be voided.”

Drop by the Manotick Windows and Doors showroom today and test drive our Phantom Screens for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.