SunSpace railings to the rescue of Ottawa decks!

Honey, now that you’re out of prison, can we get some SunSpace railings to enclose our deck? The Jones’ have been raving about their new SunSpace railings and quite frankly, I cannot stand to listen to one more second of it!”

“Now dear, you know how I cannot fathom the thought of looking outside and seeing railings right now!”

“But darling, these are SunSpace railings not cell bars! Why last night they hosted yet another wild deck party and I had no choice but to call the Ottawa police at 11:00 p.m.!”

“The Ottawa police!?” “Good grief! I must have slept through the entire shenanigans. And dear, you know how sensitive I am to any law enforcement at this time. Why I barely walked out of the pen, and you’re beckoning the police right back onto my trail And besides, where in Ottawa can we possibly find SunSpace railings?”

“Now dear, you know Manotick Windows and Doors has loyally served all of our window and door needs for years. Now¬†everybody in Ottawa can flock to Manotick Windows and Doors to order their Sunspace railings. Isn’t that just wonderful?”

“Alright, alright, go ahead and call Manotick Windows and Doors and order your SunSpace railings. We’ll throw our own Ottawa deck party, and show those Jones’ that we know how to have fun too. And thanks to our new Sun Space railings, we won’t have to worry about any of our guests falling off of the deck! Thank you SunSpace railings!”