Hey Ottawa – Fall is the time to start talking caulking

Ottawa homeowners know darned well that warm fall days are simply the calm before the storm, and that is why now is the time to start talking caulking. Now that Ottawa is heading into October, the days are counting down to getting your fall home improvements done, and caulking windows is at the top of the old “fall to do list”. Windows are your homes heat escape route and can cause up to 50% of heat loss. Now imagine your old, failed sealed units, that haven’t been caulked in years. If you’re nodding your head, then it’s definitely time to start talking caulking since your Ottawa windows could be costing you a fortune on your home heating bills. A simple solution to this fall conundrum is to start talking caulking, and who better than the folks at Manotick Windows and Doors to come out for a fall service visit? A simple service call can help prepare your windows for the impending Ottawa winter, and now is the time to bring energy efficiency back into your home. We all know what Ottawa winters are like, and Ottawa homeowners know what Ottawa heat and hydro bills can be like. Why not call Manotick Windows and Doors today to book your fall window and door winter service visit? From window cranks to failed sealed units, we are here to help you keep your hard earned money in your pocket, and not flying out your Ottawa windows again this winter! Call us today. You’ll be glad you did.