The snow floated down from the sky like cold, sparkling dust. It settled peacefully over the trees, concealing the earth in a blanket of white diamonds.
The trees bowed toward the ground, crippling under their heavy load. It made me think that if only they could shake themselves like a dog covered in water, they would be free.
The morning sun cast a warm glow over the otherwise cold winter scene. It coaxed the birds to come out of their nests and bask in the light, their happy songs a personal symphony for me, and my cup of coffee.

“Aren’t you glad that we replaced the windows, honey?” My husband asked, scuffing toward me in his housecoat. “Just look at this beautiful day.”

“I’m very glad. The windows allow so much light into the room. It feels as if I am looking out into a snow globe.”

“I agree. Although, we need to re-paint this room. I didn’t realize how heinous the colour was before.” My husband frowned.

I smirked, looking toward him over my shoulder. “It’s because you can finally see it with our new windows. I told you that we should have gone with the taupe colour.”

My husband sighed. “You’re right. Though, I get all of the credit for choosing Manotick Windows and Doors to help us with the windowscaping.”

I furrowed my brow, suppressing a smile. “Windowscaping?”

“Yeah, you know. Like landscaping, but with windows.”

“I’m not quite sure that I know what you mean, honey.”

“Well, landscaping is like designing your own yard. Not just throwing dirt and grass down with no style or vision in mind. Windowscaping is the same idea. Manotick Windows and Doors didn’t just stick a piece of glass into a hole in the wall. They helped us to design our dream windows, taking into consideration the view, light, and ventilation that our new windows could provide for us and our home.”

“You’re right.” I smiled, glancing back at our beautiful new windows. “Manotick Windows and Doors didn’t just install our windows. They designed our vision. They ‘windowscaped.’”

Are you looking to ‘windowscape?’ Do you want your windows to not only be a slab of glass in the wall, but a stylish, personalized, eco-efficient part of your home? Give Manotick Windows and Doors a call and allow us to help you ‘windowscape’ your ultimate vision. You’ll be glad you did.