Testimonial #1

From the initial visit, measuring, and back and forth verifying the details of what was to be a “complicated order” with many special items, I am honestly happy to have had Manotick Windows & Doors taking care of the renovations along my home.

Congratulations to Brian, Steve and Cliff for the upfront work, open discussions and guidance! From the moment the install team arrived Don Hamilton had everything under control and the demolition work began with a group working on the back door and another group working on the front door. I was impressed with the care to protect our hardwood floors and stairs by the laying blue runners and care in keeping the litter picked up in real-time by a dedicated worker.

The support guys, Kevin and Cody were also clearly focused on the project and were efficient in supporting the installers. Also, the well-equipped trailer and equipment that was brought to the work-site showed a high standard of preparedness. We have had a number of contractors over the years and I had begun to think that the art of customer service was lost – but feel that you have managed to keep that as an important part of your business approach.

Again, thanks for our beautiful new doors and a new face for our home.


Jeff & Margaret

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